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Juvenile & Family Relations

thin red lineThe Office of Juvenile and Family Relations is responsible for receipt and resolutions to juvenile grievances, allegations and complaints. Juvenile and Family Relations Coordinators act as impartial advocates for juveniles by coordinating improvements to the care and services they receive. When a juvenile makes an allegation, complaint or has a problem in regard to care and treatment, they are encouraged to complete a Juvenile Grievance form. Youth can receive assistance from a staff member in completing the form if needed. These forms are submitted through a secure grievance box.

Upon receiving the form and the grievance is appropriate for the Office of Juvenile and Family Relations to investigate, a Juvenile and Family Relations Coordinator will conduct an investigation into the matter. In cases where a juvenile’s grievance is determined to be legitimate, the Office of Juvenile and Family Relations works with facility managers to ensure that proper resolution to the grievance is completed. If the grievance is a matter that warrants action be taken by Management Review or a Criminal Investigation, the grievance will be forwarded to the Office of Inspector General for investigation.

Juvenile Grievance Process, DJJ Policy 920 (PDF)