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Youth Work Programs

Student making wooden pen

For over a decade, Youth Work Programs have been available to youth committed to the Broad River Road Complex, SCDJJ’s long-term facility for youth ages 12-19. The youth work programs provide a realistic work environment where youth fill out an application, are interviewed, and if all goes well, are granted a position in one of the programs.

Upholstery student using staple gunYouth can work in the Upholstery Design Center or the Young Craftsman’s Shop. They receive training to be able to create one-of-a-kind art pieces such as re-upholstered furniture, Adirondack chairs, sewing crafts, and pen and pencil sets. These products are sold in the Store of Hope located at 3208 Broad River Road in Columbia, SC. Proceeds from the sale of the youth-made products go back into the programs for materials, as well as to the youth. Their earnings are used to pay any restitution owed to victims, and the rest is theirs to keep upon release. These programs equip youth with important job and life skills and provide them practical retail and manufacturing experience.