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Confirmed COVID-19 Cases within SCDJJ

SCDJJ is posting a cumulative tally of confirmed COVID-19 cases among youth and staff at our secure facilities, county offices, administrative offices and alternative placement sites since the initial outbreak in March 2020.

Please note: Although we have a detailed screening process in place for staff and youth, staff are tested by their medical providers and those test results are self-reported. Also, for the multi-agency residential providers, we are only counting DJJ youth, not other residents who are not involved with our agency. Additionally, not all staff who tested positive were in contact with youth or other staff, but were confirmed positive while telecommuting.

Total Cases as of: January 31, 2022

Location Youth Staff
Broad River Road Complex 38 78
Coastal Evaluation Center 11 22
Midlands Evaluation Center 51 59
Upstate Evaluation Center 29 37
Juvenile Detention Center 33 30
County Offices - 99
Administrative Offices - 55
Camp Aspen (Richland) 2 13
Youth Development Center (Aiken) 6 1
Piedmont Wilderness Institute (Laurens) 9 6
Camp White Pines 1 & 2 (Union) 2 17
Generations Bridges & Horizons (Greenville) 35 23
Beaufort Marine Institute (Beaufort) 10 3
Georgetown Marine Institute (Georgetown) 13 8
Camp Bennettsville (Marlboro) 6 11
Camp Sand Hills (Chesterfield) 23 9
Other Community-Based Residential Facilities 26 n/a*
TOTAL 293 471


*These residential facilities serve youth placed by multiple agencies and are not staffed by personnel employed by SCDJJ or employed by a program specifically under DJJ contract. Due to the potential lack of accuracy in tracking these non-DJJ cases, we will not include them in our numbers.