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DJJ Youth Earn Beginner's Permits from DMV

DJJ youth sitting in classroom
Tue, 06/18/2019

It's an exciting rite of passage for many teenagers - taking the DMV's written test to obtain a Beginner's Permit.

Youth at the Department of Juvenile Justice are gearing up for adulthood after recently earning their Beginner's Permits, thanks to an on-going partnership with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

For almost two years now, DJJ and the DMV have partnered to issue photo IDs to youth under DJJ supervision. In March 2019, this multi-agency collaboration revved up to start offering the Beginner's Permit test for DJJ youth. Half of them passed the exam on the first try, which is consistent with the state average.

Earlier this month, over 30 more students from DJJ's Broad River Road Complex and Camp Aspen tested, with half of them also passing on the first try.

These state IDs and permits are a major step in helping juveniles return to their communities and continue on a successful path once released. Photo ID is often required to enroll in post-secondary education or even apply for a job.

"We're committed to doing anything and everything to best equip our young people to re-enter their communities upon release," says DJJ Director Freddie Pough. "We're extremely proud and grateful to partner with the great folks at SCDMV to provide our youth with IDs and permits, as they help us in our mission of empowering our youth for the future!"

Additionally, seven DJJ staff are now certified third-party testers, trained to administer the DMV's Beginner's Permit Exam.

On Wednesday, June 19th, the DMV will be back on DJJ's Broad River Road campus to issue photo IDs and Beginner's Permits, starting at 10 a.m.