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Youth Grievances & Family Support

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Youth Grievances and Family Support is responsible for being an impartial advocate for youth by investigating complaints and/or concerns and resolving them for the individuals involved.

Youth Grievances and Family Support also acts as a point of contact for youth’s family members, advocates and other outside entities interested in reporting complaints and/or concerns on behalf of youth under supervision of the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.

When contacting Youth Grievances and Family Support, please provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Relationship with the Youth
  • Name of the Youth
  • Complete Birthday of the Youth
  • Location of the Youth

Grievances may be submitted via telephone, a written letter, or email. Please also provide a brief overview of the results of the efforts you and the youth made to resolve the issue.

When should I contact the Office of Inspector General?

Before contacting the OIG, you should try to resolve the complaint through the DJJ grievance process with Youth Grievances and Family Support. If you feel you have a legitimate concern about the care and safety of a youth to include physical and sexual abuse, threats, harassment, medical or mental health treatment, please contact Youth Grievances and Family Support for immediate assistance.

Many concerns can be addressed by the youth's social worker or the Facility Administrator. If you need further help, the Office of Youth Grievances and Family Support will make every effort to address your concerns.

The OIG shall not be used to by-pass or avoid using the grievance process. If you have attempted to resolve your complaint with DJJ Staff and/or Youth Grievance and Family Support Department and did not reach a satisfactory resolution, then you may submit your complaint by written letter or by calling the Office of Inspector General. Once your complaint is received and reviewed, the Office of the Inspector General will further assist you and make every effort to address your concerns.

What happens after I report a grievance?

Every grievance is reviewed and assessed. A return phone call is made to anyone who contacts Youth Grievances and Family Support to inform them of actions taken to resolve an issue or address a concern.

Will I or a youth be targeted for filing a grievance?

No one can intimidate or retaliate against you for making a grievance. If you feel you are being targeted, bullied or harassed for filing a grievance, report any retaliation and/or intimidation to the Director of Youth Grievance or the Office of Inspector General’s Office immediately.