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SCDJJ announces revised Mission and Vision Statements

Tue, 06/14/2022

Statement from Executive Director Eden Hendrick:

I am excited to announce the SCDJJ Mission and Vision Statements have been revised to reflect our new direction and priorities. Mission and Vision Statements are essential to guiding and reminding us why we come to work every day and why we do the work we do. SCDJJ is a helping agency; we are dedicated to assisting young people at challenging times in their lives.

The youth we serve need positive, encouraging adults to provide meaningful rehabilitative services in our facilities and in the community. Our updated Mission Statement succinctly describes the meaning of our work.  Likewise, the updated Vision Statement illustrates our ultimate goals for the future, what we want to see happen as the result of our work.


DJJ’s Updated Mission Statement:

To impact and transform young lives, strengthen families, and support safer communities through targeted prevention and rehabilitation.

DJJ’s Updated Vision Statement:

Youth discover their strengths and abilities and become productive and successful citizens contributing to a safer South Carolina.


This is a good chance for staff of all levels, new and old, to read, process and reflect on the revamped Mission and Vision Statements, as well as it's an opportunity to re-focus efforts on the real purpose and the ultimate goals of the agency.  

I want to thank all of our employees and volunteers again for the work they do for the agency, the youth and the State of South Carolina.